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MONDAY ARTPOST issue 1207-2015

MONDAY ARTPOST - Columns by Artist and Writer. Published on Mondays
Issue 1207-2015 ISSN 1918-6991 An Ocean and Pounds publication. All Rights Reserved

Bob Black

Bagatelle and Babble

Lee Ka-sing

In mathematics, what is a line called if it is not straight

Double leaf

Speech of a thin-legged tiger

Eye gazing at the yellow spot

Life is but a stage (next to the large window)

At the moment when there is a discussion on clear energy



Gary Michael Dault

Tabletop Studio

No. 49.  The Moon pictures palled quickly.  He soon began to loathe painting.  The brush felt like a lead pipe in his hand.  One day he asked his mother if she and her friends could knit him some very large balls in assorted cheerful colours.  She told him they probably could, but that so much wool would be quite expensive.  He said that was okay.  She also told him the task would take her and her friends quite a long time.  He said he didn't mind waiting..


25 artists, 50 works

Artists: Adam Devenish, Andre Kan, Dave Donald, Elaine Munro, Elliot Mallon, Evan Jerry, Fiona Smyth, Han Xu, Irina Schestakowich, Ivan Zhao, Janet Potter, Kai Chan, Kelly Hu, Libby Hague, Loree Ovens, Marina Black, Mierte, Noriko Saito, Sally Ayre, Shelley Savor, Tomio Nitto, Uros Jelic, Vik Lai, Yam Lau, Yshia Wallace.

January 16 to 31, 2016

Gallery 50
50 Gladstone Ave


(Libby Hague)



Fiona Smyth


Located at Toronto Queen Street West, Art and Design district. A professionally-run rental gallery with large corner windows for high visibility. Under the management of Ocean and Pounds.

PingPong is multi-unit tabletop showcase-and-mart, embedded at the INDEXG galleryshop. From small item to noted names, with friendly prices and occasionally, surprising you, pop-up with ridiculously low price for few days. Search and follow us at INSTAGRAM - #pingpongindexg

50 Gladstone Avenue, Toronto


Galleries. B&B, and Art-shopping
(48-50 Gladstone Avenue, Toronto)

INDEXG B&B is a 5 bedrooms Contemporary style Bed and Breakfast, located at the Queen West Art and Design district in Downtown Toronto


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