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MONDAY ARTPOST issue 0810-2015

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Fiona Smyth


Lee Ka-sing

Jade tree stretching high across the blue sky

Dream machine

Squares that facing the sun


Tomio Nitto


Shelley Savor

Caffeine Reveries





Some of my favourites from the upcoming ART BROWNIE exhibition at Gallery 50 (Opening on August 15, 2015)

Art Brownie 2015 (MAGIC)
August 15-29, 2015
Opening Reception on Saturday, 15 August (3-8 pm)

Gallery 50
50 Gladstone Avenue

Participating Artists

Adam Chow, Alice Chick, Andre Kan, Andrea Howson, Anna Tai, Bato Bazarov, Dante Kirkman, Diane Lingenfelter, Donna Carr, Dora Grinnell, Edwin Kwan, Elaine Munro, Elizabeth Wagner, Emily May Rose, Fiona Legg, Gary Smith, Gina Groot, Hana Lang, Irina Schestakowich, Ivan Zhao, James Taylor, Jana Charl, Janet Potter, Jennie Philpott, Jennifer Black, John Powell, John-Michael Korpal, Juile Burdett, Kai Chan, Katharine Miller, Kay Gregg, Kelly Hu, Kiyomi Burgin, Kristen Kong, Leslie Mathie, Linda Black, Lenore Ramirez, Marina Hanacek, Marta Koloszyc, Mary Paz Sobreira, Me Hoi, Melissa Johns, Mina Hedayat, Myrna Brooks Bercovitch, Patrice Baker, Peter Bullock, Rachel Heinold, Rob Niezen, Roger Cummiskey, Sandi Wong, Shelley Savor, Sherrie Penn, Stella Leung, Stephanie Chambers, Taras Ostapchuk, Taryn Gee, Tomio Nitto, Valerie Powell, Vik Lai, Yoshi Inouye.

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Gary Michael Dault

Tabletop Studio

Irina Schestakowich

Moving Words

A selection of new works by Irina Schestakowich available at INDEXG


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INDEXG B&B is a 5 bedrooms Contemporary style Bed and Breakfast, located at the Queen West Art and Design district in Downtown Toronto


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ISSN 1918-6991

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