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Fiona Smyth


Lee Ka-sing

Forty pictures on Janet Potter's artist book TEAPOT COLLECTION

Promise you a rose garden, circa 1990

Large egg-shaped object behind grid screen

A strip of sunlight at Clearwater Bay film studio, circa 1986

City song. Mountain song

White-haired buddha in the city, circa 1986

Poetry written at the mountain, circa 1986


Shelley Savor

Caffeine Reveries

A jewel in Winter. INDEXG is glad to present TEN: Photo-based Work by 10 Artists at Gallery 50, Toronto (50 Gladstone Avenue). The artists are from a mixed bowl, from established to emerging, their works are fully charged with fresh and exceptional ideas. Photography, as a medium, is being explored in vastly different aspects: memories and re-imagining, truth and fiction, language and form, science and psychologic, organizational and chaotic, nostalgic and present day myths, tradition and representation. Enough, and more than suffice for a heartening visual feast in this deep blue Winter.

Participating artists: Andjelka Jovanic, Adam Devenish, Bob Black, Diana Shearwood, Elzbieta Kurowska, Holly Lee, Janet Potter, Kamelia Pezeshki, Steve Stober, Yam Lau.

Exhibition reception on Saturday, 7th February, 2015 (3-6 pm). Exhibition runs through February 28th, 2015.

(Diana Shearwood) In June of 1984 I travelled to Igloolik in the Eastern Arctic at the time of 24-hour sun. My brother was working as a teacher at the local primary school. During my month-long stay I photographed daily life both in the town and on the land during Spring Camp. I shot many rolls of Kodachrome with my brand new Nikon FM. Upon my return I showed the slides to a few friends and then carefully stashed them in a metal filing cabinet where they have remained ever since. Now, after all these years, I decided it was time they again saw the light of day.
Read more about the TEN exhibition

Gary Michael Dault

Tabletoppers (The Studio Within The Studio)

Call for artist submission


Bob Black

Bagatelle and Babble

Located at Toronto Queen Street West, Art and Design district. A professionally-run rental gallery with large corner windows for high visibility. Under the management of Ocean and Pounds.

Galleries. B&B, and Art-shopping (48-50 Gladstone Avenue, Toronto)

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