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MONDAY ARTPOST issue 0126-2015

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Lee Ka-sing

Midday downtown Toronto, where the movie begins

Poetry written on a fashion magazine

Looking into the other side of a looking glass

Father with movie camera

Dog eat dog

Two light meters on our studio stationary, circa 1979

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Bob Black

Bagatelle and Babble


(Andjelka Jovanic) Defragmented Memory
There are moments and times that exist while often captured either mechanically or through our senses. We consciously or dreamingly store them in the memory or in other puzzled places such as brain, our eyes, hard disks… Life is happening fast, information gets rearranged, our senses weaken, some we avoid to recall, some suddenly disappear, some I still hear them smiling, and others we decide to exhibit as photographic memory if the environment is kind enough to support us. Are our minds limited or maybe too complex and chaotic to organize these memory flashes logically? I use the concept of one of my childhood toys to help me optimize the extracted pieces of my past which then becomes the depiction of my memory in the present. In my magnetic flatland, the abstract segments slide and link to create a real self expression and to recreate what happened. To others, this process of tiling may have different turns as those people may have seen events differently than how they have occurred to me.
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Shelley Savor

Caffeine Reveries

Gary Michael Dault

Tabletoppers (The Studio Within The Studio)

Fiona Smyth


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