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MONDAY ARTPOST issue 0119-2015

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Lee Ka-sing

Profile of an Indonesian puppet and the white orchid

Dancing with an octopus

Body language in the wintertime

Couple. A gift from the artist Antonio Mak

Champagne wire cage as lamp shade


今天忽有奇想 - 不如將過往的「寶麗來」照片重拍。我是說把它(的影像)作為一枚物件的去拍攝。如今還保留著一大箱裝得漲鼓鼓的「寶麗來」,約有千來或數千張罷,都是過去攝影工作個案遺留下來之物。我與楚喬大約於1978年間開始攝影工作,直至1997年來多倫多之後始淡出。「寶麗來」作為拍照前之景觀,早期的已無存.....


The realm of the living includes as many habitats as ways of life. As fragments of the impossible inventory of all inhabited places, these four portfolios cross over into environments that may be real or fantasized, but are always constructed.


(Adam Devenish) Through the series 'Fossil Fools', bilaterally symmetrical fossil samples are suggested, and encourage reflection on our own mortality as well as the marks we leave behind. Fossils take us on a journey, connecting us to a past we can largely only imagine to anticipated futures we can only dream about. Past life often leaves markers that deteriorate over time or simply can't been seen, yet the desire to preserve history and memories through photographs, diaries, for example, and now inevitably through social media are ever present. As we further embrace the digital age, integrating this ever-advancing technology deeper into our lives, digitally archived 'future fossils' will act to define our existence and inform generations to come.
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Caffeine Reveries

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Bagatelle and Babble


Gary Michael Dault

Tabletoppers (The Studio Within The Studio)


Fiona Smyth


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