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MONDAY ARTPOST issue 0901-2014

MONDAY ARTPOST - Columns by Artist and Writer. Published on Mondays
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Lee Ka-sing

Large gramophone picking up vibrations from a rectangular vinyl

Reflections upon the yesterday’s water flow
Moore’s seated female figure (at AGO) and the flow of her internal energy

The tree in front a cake-shop near Dundas, is working on a new haiku

HK XPECIAL new renovation

HK XPECIAL, Opening - Thursday, September 4 (5-7 pm). With works by Tseng Kwong Chi and Leung Chi Wo. New and vintage works by Holly and Ka-sing


Shelley Savor

Caffeine Reveries

Bob Black

Bagatelle and Babble
A REUNION: in (___) parts, hyphenated

As you threaded your way past the summer traffic, sweltering as starburst
you braced for stories the were inevitable: buckshot and mending.


Gary Michael Dault

BRIEF CANDLES: 100 Very Short Plays
Play #93: Orion


Fiona Smyth


Gary Michael Dault

Chapter 54

While his two spiffy subalterns were poking gingerly at their hot hamburg sandwiches, Mayor Cass had been tucking into his western omelette, and was now swirling the last fragment of egg into a rivulet of dusty ketchup that edged his plate on its eastern side.



Andrew Yeung

Line Doc


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Lunar Meditations by Noriko Saito

Exhibition runs from September 3-7, 2014
Opening Reception: Thurs, September 4 (5-7 pm), 2014
Poetry Reading: Sat, September 6 (3-5 pm), 2014

Gallery 50
50 Gladstone Ave

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