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MONDAY ARTPOST issue 0728-2014

MONDAY ARTPOST - Columns by Artist and Writer. Published on Mondays
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Shelley Savor

Caffeine Reveries

Lee Ka-sing

Passing by ROM museum. On the way to return the dvd MUSIC ROOM, a film by Satyajit Ray

A bluish morning, Malgorzata’s cow walking inside the gallery somewhere downtown Toronto

Moonlight. Rose garden. A blueprint

Holly Reading a Poem by Leung Ping Kwan

Last summer

That pink book opened wide the sky like a metal butterfly

Bob Black

Bagatelle and Babble
Containment and a cage

Songs sifting through the back of the throat --small pebbles from a river--
And the trees above upon which you have hung words like white shirts drying.
All of that demarcation and calligraphy: basket and banquet and blue.


Fiona Smyth


Located at Toronto Queen Street West, Art and Design district. A professionally-run rental gallery with large corner windows for high visibility. Under the management of Ocean and Pounds.

Gary Michael Dault

BRIEF CANDLES: 100 Very Short Plays
Play #88: The Optical Tiresias or Gendered Vision


Gary Michael Dault

Chapter 50

Rory Pendrift swilled the last of his cafe latte—now ice cold. The cup was stuck all over inside with recalcitrant bits of crema, hard now like the stubborn, mussy snowdrifts of early spring.
Rory made his way out into the glare of a sunny Queen Street morning. It was shaping itself into another aimless day, he thought to himself, as he paused a minute to ponder whether to walk east or west. He chose east.
It was part of Rory’s contention, as he proceeded to pick up the threads of his fitful, fragmented but ongoing analysis of the causes and meanings of his rudderlessness, that everything would be different if he hadn’t been saddled with his absurdly ambitious father, the Old Artificer, who was now throwing up condo buildings all over Toronto.



Holly Lee

Coffee and Tea
For Ka-sing

you put your glasses on
to read small letters
you take them off
to read the room
the room is silent
every younger person
thumbing and drumming their iphones
connecting and disconnecting
to be or not to be


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Andrew Yeung

Line Doc

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