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MONDAY ARTPOST issue 0721-2014

MONDAY ARTPOST - Columns by Artist and Writer. Published on Mondays
Issue 21 July 2014 ISSN 1918-6991 An Ocean and Pounds publication. All Rights Reserved

Bob Black

Bagatelle and Babble
Containment and a cage


Lee Ka-sing

Sunny afternoon lightning strike

A very Canadian question: No lion in winter

The ladder climbing up to the second floor. He talks about the brain
Fantasy of a tuxedo cat

Open cinema

Art, won't be silenced

Andrew Yeung

Line Doc

Gary Michael Dault's BRIEF CANDLES / TORONTO: A NOVEL will be back next week

  Shelley Savor

Caffeine Reveries

Fiona Smyth


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Columns by Artist and Writer
ISSN 1918-6991

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